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The new Gaaton Blvd.
Bird's-eye view to the new Gaaton Blvd


Location: Nahariya, Israel

Year: 2022

Project:  1st place winning proposal for the urban renewal and development of downtown Nahariya

Client:  Municipality of Nahariya, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Agriculture, and Israel Association of united architects

Partners:  Studio Teo Landscape, Levant Architects, and David Ramirez Infante Water Engineering 

This new plan for Nahariya brings the Gaaton river back to the city while addressing the challenges of water management, ecology, climate change, housing, and urban communities. The stream becomes an urban linear park, connecting the east of the city to the seashore, and functions as a mixed-use public space that is active throughout the day and promotes a variety of activities and intense urbanity as well as an intimate community. By turning the course of the stream into the beating heart of Nahariya, this urban plan endorses a community-oriented design, which prioritizes pedestrians and public transportation by integrating green axes based on the historical urban skeleton that tie the Gaaton Blvd to the city. Strengthening the natural system by varied seasonal vegetation, preserving the existing eucalyptus trees, expanding the river delta and creating a natural focal point along the coast, all create an ecological continuity between the Galilean mountains and the Mediterranean.

Gaaton Blvd Plan
The Park neighbourhood
The new CBD and Nahariya central station
Inner couryard
The Gaaton delta
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urban desgin principles
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