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ZIV compound

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Year: 2021

Project:  3rd place winning proposal for an urban compound in Jerusalem. 

Client:  Municipality of Jerusalem and Israel Association of united architects

The proposal offers to create a mixed-use community complex which connects to the environmental context, and serves as an urban link that encourages encounter and joint activity. The design is based on a sequence of intimate squares that regulate traffic, centralize the various uses and make the entire complex an integral part of the urban landscape and daily life of Jerusalem. An array of different public areas promotes a hybrid complex, open to different audiences and diverse activities. The plan creates an infrastructure based on the principles of place making, mixed uses and a diverse nature, maximum connectivity, while encouraging connections between the various communities and designing inviting spaces that promote a healthy and green environment. The variety of intersections between the functions, public areas and communities create a space for the community, which will continue, develop and be built by it in the future.

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