Location: Amsterdam metropolis

Year: 2018

Project: Academic work


The project aims to provide a sustainable solution to the further densification of the Amsterdam region, by shifting towards a circular economy and promoting spatial justice, focusing on a healthy environment. To achieve that, the project uses the potentials that lie within the region’s territories in between¹(TiB) and suggest to redefine these territories as Productive Territories In-Between (PTiB).  By balancing urban growth pressure and ecological needs, PTiB will help in reaching a circular economy and a more just and healthier AMA. Five key projects demonstrate how PTiB can act as the supplier for sustainable economic, ecological, and social needs in AMA.


Co-designed with: Elisa Maria Isaza, Jahnavi Bhatt, Rick Schoonderbeek, Yi-Chieh Liao.

¹ as defined by Wandel,2014.


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