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Urban regeneration Tiberius

Location: Tiberius, Israel

Year: 2015

Project: Academic work


Located at the Sea of Galilee, Tiberius is a city that was twice forgotten:  in 1948 the old city of Tiberius and its heritage were left in ruins. Later on, between 1960-1970, Tiberius became a prosperous touristic city, yet from the '80s, the city started to decline until it vanished from public awareness. To date, the city's shape is characterized by scattered fragments from different periods, which reflects its various narratives. The objective was to identify and enhance the different characteristics of the city, which articulate  Tiberius' 

genius loci. Throw several urban interventions in the city's exciting network, the projects aspire to integrate the different parts of the city into a single continuous fabric. These urban interventions emerge in the city as piers and docks flowing from the sea of Galili to the city historic center, connecting and exposing Tiberius' different narratives.


shok_aged_4 (1 of 1).jpg
חתך שוק.png
חתך שכונה.png
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חתך אורכי.png
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